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GOLD Obstetrics November 23 – Sign up!

I’m delighted to share that I’ll be the Closing Keynote Speaker at GOLD Obstetrics 2020 online conference! My webinar “Why is it so Hard to Align Clinical Practice with the Evidence About Cardiotocography Monitoring?” is a free event so come join me live on November 23!

GOLD Obstetrics runs from November 9 (today!) to January 4, and includes 10.5+ hours of accredited education. The accessible online format makes it easy to keep current on research and clinical skills. Early Bird registration is open until November 10.

During my presentation, I’ll be taking a close look at the latest evidence on the use of CTG monitoring, and I’ll explain why its use might actually be harmful. I’ll explore why there has been little success in reducing the use of intrapartum CTG monitoring and I’ll challenge you to rethink how you can more fully align practice with evidence.

Reserve your free seat here here to join me live and to access a recording of my presentation:


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