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This week marked the start of a new role for me. I have returned to full time clinical practice as a Director of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in a bustling regional town in New South Wales. This is a great opportunity for me to apply what I have learned as an educator and researcher to a clinical site.

I am still coming to grips with what my working week will look like. Since the inception of Birth Small Talk I have aimed to post new content weekly, but I have given myself permission to wait and see whether that is a realistic goal or not for this coming year. Hold tight and let’s see what is possible over the coming months!

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  1. Wishing you well on the new journey life is taking you on. I’m sure you will achieve a great many things for women, families and the professionals who care for them. I look forward to more conversations from birth small talk as and when you are able. Life presents us with opportunities to seize the day. I know you are up-to the challenges.


  2. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S Kirsten..What wonderful news – yes for you, but even more so so the up and coming O&G’s who will have the privilege of working under your guidance and direction.. and moreover the women and babies of whatever region to which you have been appointed. Mary-Margaret Downing


  3. Good luck with your new job and the opportunities it will present. I have enjoyed your posts enormously and long may they continue.


  4. Congratulations Kirsten- delighted for you.
    I am sure this new journey in your career will be enriching for all concerned. I look forward to your blogs- at whatever pace you write them.
    Your blogs certainly make colleagues from my fraternity think a lot. It includes me too!


  5. What a blessing you are to our service. Thrilled to have you onboard – let’s do breech now. The women deserve nothing less!!!


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