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Who makes decisions about fetal heart rate monitoring and how does it happen?

Myself and my co-authors have a new paper, freshly published with Women and Birth (available here). One of the questions I asked while generating data from my doctoral research was – who made the decision about the approach to fetal heart rate monitoring that any individual woman would use during her labour? At first glance, the answer seemed to be that no one was actively making decisions. I didn’t interview […]

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When the CTG is not normal, should you turn on STAN or check the fetal pH?

CTG monitoring is in use during a woman’s labour. The fetal heart rate pattern is now abnormal. As her maternity professional, you know that the positive predictive value of the CTG is low, and want to avoid caesarean section unless it is going to improve the fetal outcome. And you don’t want to misidentify when caesarean section is a great idea and as a result have an avoidable poor outcome […]

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