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What about CTG monitoring for VBAC?

One of the questions I am often asked about is what research says is the best approach to fetal heart rate monitoring for a woman who has previously had one (or possibly more) caesarean births in the past and plans a vaginal birth this time around. There is no simple answer to this question, so it is one I have avoided writing about. Up until now. A new piece research […]

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It’s time for a change

A quick update ahead of tomorrow’s planned content…. Twitter seems to have gone to hell in a hand basket. I’ve made the decision to no longer participate in that particular flavour of nonsense. My posts will still automatically be posted to to Twitter each time I publish one, but I won’t be joining in the conversation there any more. If you want to connect with me then you can find […]

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Ready for some new insights?

I am speaking at the State of Birth online symposium on 16th October on Myths of cardiotocography and invite you to join us.  The line up is fabulous and I’m looking forward to hearing the other speakers. Dr Rachel Reed of Midwife Thinking blog and the Midwives Cauldron podcast will be talking on the 15th and there is an interesting range of birth professionals involved from different perspectives. The event runs over […]

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Who makes decisions about fetal heart rate monitoring and how does it happen?

Myself and my co-authors have a new paper, freshly published with Women and Birth (available here). One of the questions I asked while generating data from my doctoral research was – who made the decision about the approach to fetal heart rate monitoring that any individual woman would use during her labour? At first glance, the answer seemed to be that no one was actively making decisions. I didn’t interview […]

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