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Cardiotocograph monitoring

Mysterious cats and CTG monitoring

Early last year I wrote a post about Dr Who and alternative universes, highlighting the way that people make meaning of their individual experiences. For those of us who are health practitioners, it is important to reflect on the way we make meaning because it is easy to slip into what are known as cognitive biases. We can’t always avoid these, but it does help to have examples of such […]

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Long-term cardiovascular outcomes of an abnormal fetal heart rate pattern in labour

Low oxygen levels in labour are considered to place the fetus at risk for permanent injury. One of the organs in the body that rely on high levels of oxygen supply is the heart. Physiological reflexes that manifest as CTG changes are, in part, protective for the fetal heart as they redirect blood from other parts of the body to the heart and brain.  Historically, low oxygen levels in labour […]

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