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Cardiotocograph monitoring

Is CTG monitoring for higher risk women beneficial?

@melaniethemidwife (aka Melanie Jackson) has put together a fabulous summary of our recent research paper. Thanks Melanie – you have captured it really well! Small, K. A., Sidebotham, M., Fenwick, J., & Gamble, J. (2020, Sept). Intrapartum cardiotocograph monitoring and perinatal outcomes for women at risk: Literature review. Women and Birth, 33(5), 411-418.

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On Doctor Who and changing the future

I quite like Doctor Who. One of the common threads in the show involves the Doctor warning their companions that it is important not to meddle with the past in a way that might alter the future. Of course, what inevitably happens is that the Doctor and companions end up being compelled take action in order to ensure that everyone arrives at the end of the episode happy and healthy, […]

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