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Thru the Pinard podcast: Talking about PhDs

I caught up with midwife and academic Liz McNeill recently. She hosts the Thru the Pinard podcast which aims to support midwives (and perhaps the occasional obstetrician even!) who are navigating the wonderful world of doctoral research. We talked about lots of things, including the importance of working with a great supervisory team and how important it is to never PhD alone. You can listen to our conversation here. Follow […]

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The pause

I always experience this time of the year as a pause – a stepping stone between past and future where there is the space to be momentarily very much present in the here and now. I’m not a huge fan of the large public celebrations that sit just before and just after this week. But they do produce this wonderful suspension of “business as usual” that I enjoy so much. […]

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A poem: A midwife thinking

I played with a number of analytical techniques when conducting my data analysis. One interesting approach I experimented with was the use of what are known as I poems. (I became aware of them when reading a chapter by Reid, 2017). To construct an I poem you select phrases in the data that start with “I”, collect them together and explore what they say about what people are doing. While […]

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