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What stops clinicians from using intermittent auscultation?

Research published this week by Chuey, De Vries, Dal Cin, and Low (2020) explored facilitators and barriers to the use of intermittent auscultation (IA) rather than intrapartum CTG monitoring. The authors pointed out that: Despite evidence-based guidelines from professional associations recommending IA, and warning against the use of continuous monitoring, healthy individuals in labour are rarely monitored intermittently. The harms of routine EFM use are well established, yet it continues […]

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On Doctor Who and changing the future

I quite like Doctor Who. One of the common threads in the show involves the Doctor warning their companions that it is important not to meddle with the past in a way that might alter the future. Of course, what inevitably happens is that the Doctor and companions end up being compelled take action in order to ensure that everyone arrives at the end of the episode happy and healthy, […]

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