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Are intrapartum fetal monitoring guidelines fit for purpose?

One of the core assumptions that must be true in order for CTG monitoring to reduce perinatal harm from low oxygen levels, is that there must be recognisable CTG patterns that clinicians can consistently identify, and that are strongly associated with low oxygen levels in the fetus. Measuring oxygenation directly is tricky so alternative measures are generally used instead. Typically, acidosis is measured as low oxygen levels switch metabolic processes […]

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Does quality improvement improve quality in healthcare?

Aiming to provide care that is safe, effective, and acceptable to healthcare users is a fundamental cornerstone of healthcare services. A number of similar processes have been adopted in healthcare management, collectively known as continuous quality improvement. These processes aim to ensure that problems in care provision are identified, addressed, and resolved in a way that ensure continuous and ongoing improvements in the quality of care provided by healthcare services. […]

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The pause

I always experience this time of the year as a pause – a stepping stone between past and future where there is the space to be momentarily very much present in the here and now. I’m not a huge fan of the large public celebrations that sit just before and just after this week. But they do produce this wonderful suspension of “business as usual” that I enjoy so much. […]

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