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What is she up to now? An online course!

The great big thing I have been working on over the past year is the first of a series of online courses about fetal heart rate monitoring during labour. This first course is designed for those of you who are registered health professionals working in maternity care – doctors, midwives, and nurses. (Don’t worry if you aren’t a registered health professional – there will be more courses for other groups of people coming up later in the year).

Yes, there are lots of courses out there about fetal heart rate monitoring in labour already. Why would I want to write another one? It seems logical to me that before teaching people when and how to use an intervention, you should first teach the evidence about whether it works or not. All the fetal monitoring courses I have ever seen include, at best, one or two paragraphs about the evidence base for intermittent auscultation and CTG monitoring. Completing one of these courses will leave you none-the-wiser about whether CTG monitoring or intermittent auscultation is better or worse, for whom, and for what outcomes.

Without accurate knowledge of the evidence, maternity professionals simply can’t have good counselling conversations with women about fetal heart rate monitoring in labour, and these conversations are vital to support informed decision making. Without sound knowledge, the conversations we have within the professions are deficient too. This includes clinical education, risk and quality management work, and policy development. Accurate and complete knowledge builds maternity professional’s confidence in providing quality care for women planning for and during labour.

My new course provides this missing knowledge. You will find 10 hours of online education with detailed and accurate coverage of the research that has been done, whether we can trust that research, and what the findings were. There won’t be anything in there about how to interpret wiggly lines and what to do about them, as there are plenty of courses for that already. This new course contains 100% trustworthy evidence, stepped through in easy to follow bite-sized pieces, with citations to primary sources so you can fact check it if you want.

Can you help me?

The course is ALMOST done and ready to start enrolments. But I want your help to make it as good as it possibly can be. If you are a registered health professional working in maternity care, I’d really love your help to make sure the course delivers the sort of content YOU want to know about. This LINK takes you to a short survey where you can tell me what should, and should not, go in the course.


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  1. Did you receive my completed survey. Not sure if it submitted or not.


  2. You are a legend Kirsten Small! Your tenacity to promote the evidence is awe-inspiring! #NewBaby101 #LoisWattis

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  3. This is such a good idea. I want to be able to tell people here in the US about the course! I hope you’ll be able to accept payments in other currencies than $AU.


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